CAD qualifications


Advice to Employers, HR departments and Job seekers

CAD qualification is an Oxymoron 

ie. A figure of speech that combines two apparently contradictory ideas (such as cruel kindness)

* So a CAD qualification may not be an indication of a candidate’s CAD skills ability to do a job.

* Due to the complexity of CAD software, a CAD qualification’s relevance will diminish over time. 

+ Unless the software has been used on a regular basis since.

-Some CAD training certificates are non-tested. The only requirement being course completion.

-Some CAD training certificates are software version based. So they will look out of date on a CV.

City & Guilds courses

+ Widely known and respected. Wide area of topics covered. Tested skills and knowledge

- Typically unlimited attendance courses, sometimes advertised courses don’t run. Software version based  training certificate.

Autocad training centre courses

+ widely known and respected.

-Typically unlimited attendance courses, sometimes advertised courses don’t run. 

-Untested skills and knowledge. Was an additional certification course taken?

-Course topics limited depending on which courses taken. Courses can be essentials, intermediate or advanced.

-Software version based training certificate.

Independent CAD skills assessment & certification

+ Skills and knowledge tested, not software version based. 

+ Remote or in house options are available so not dependent on an advertised course taking place.

+ Basic topics + a selection of intermediate and advanced topics

- Not so well known.