Prep question 13

Inserting blocks with Design centre or Insert

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Open the file ACA3-01. If a block is dragged from Autocad's Design Centre, 

a) Which layer will it be inserted onto?

b) Use the insert command to change it's rotation to 180 degrees

c) Use the mirror command to so that it is the correct orientation as the other desk as shown.

Can you get to the result displayed in the 2nd plan on the right hand side?


a) Always the current layer. In this case Chair

b) Use insert or double click the block icon in the design centre, change the insertion angle to 180

c) Use the Mirror command with it's delete source objects option.

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When you insert a block it will be put onto the current layer.

Use the insert command. Either from the insert toolbar or you can double click the block icon in the design centre. You will see the insert dialogue box which will allow you to change the default rotation angle from 0 to 180.

Think of the mirror command as a different version of the copy command. Except that with mirror the copied objects are placed on the opposite side of a line. Which you define by 1st point and 2nd point on mirror line command prompts. This is part of the learning process, so try this yourself until you achieve the correct result.

Tip: Think of the days when you folded a piece of paper and cut a pattern out with scissors, to see your pattern mirrored. The fold of paper acted as a mirror line.

Mirror then prompts delete source object yes or no.

In this instance you will answer yes to this prompt to "flip" the desk around as shown.