Prep question 3

Using a Polar Array -
Rotated objects around a circle or an arc

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Create 6 equal radial treads by ARRAYING the red line to complete the circular end of the staircase.

a) What value should you set in Total number of items?

b) What is the angle between the treads of the circular stair?

Answer a) 7, b) 30 


The Polar Array command is designed to make copies of objects around a circle. There are other types of array such as rectangular for rows and columns. Then path array which allow the copies of objects along a curved polyline for example.

Follow the command line options which start with the selection of the objects to be arrayed.

Having accepted your selection with enter or right mouse, use the command line options to create your array.

Note that the required fill angle is -180°. That's because the convention is that angles in CAD are measured anti-clockwise.

If you are using software in Ribbon mode you may not be able to enter an angle of -180° in answer to the fill angle option. Just type 180 instead and then use the Mirror command with delete source objects.