Prep question 2

Converting line segments into a polyline

Email for your file Ref 1Q2

Open the file ACA1-01.dwg, Convert the lines of the stair to a polyline.

What colour is the final step after conversion?

Answer Yellow


When you draw a line using the line command, each specified point that you make is the start of a new line segment. When you run the cursor over each line, the segments are highlighted individually.

If you use the polyline command (PL) the result looks the same until you finish and run the cursor over the polyline. It will highlight as one object. If you double click the polyline you can edit it with options such as fit and spline.

To change an ordinary line into a polyline type PE for polyline edit and select the first segment. The command line will say "Object is not a polyline - do you want to convert it into one?" 

You can accept the defaulted answer of Y
. Then to select the join option. This will allow you to select all of the touching segments.

This results in one polyline which takes it's properties from the original line picked. Hence the final line changes colour to the "by layer" colour properties of the original line.