In-house CAD Training from Experts in the UK

We Also Offer Remote in Home CAD Training for a Good Job

Boost your CV for when you might need it with an independent CAD skills assessment

Self certification CAD skills assessments for your CV or job interview 

  • If you are already using CAD, take a self certification CAD test.
  • Preparation questions /explanations are published free on this web site
  • Remote training from beginner at £30 per month on a no-contract basis
  • When you have answered all of them a 30 day login to an independent CAD skills assessment is £36
  • The pass rate is 62% or more leading to Independent CAD Skills Certification
  • Certificate wording:-

"Has achieved independent certification of his/her CAD skills to a level which was 

greater than the historic average achieved by current CAD users.

The scope of his/her course covered many intermediate and advanced training topics"

  • You can re-take with your 30 day login if you don't pass
  • Free to practice Autocad compatible software if you don't have access to Autocad

  • Or learn from beginner at £30 per month, on a no contract basis. Includes:-
    Posted manual – work at your own pace with email support
    3 hr remote one to one training included
    Take a CAD skills assessment when you are ready to achieve independent CAD skills certification

The big plus for this certification, is that it is not tied to a software version. 

(So it won't be considered out of date when you may need it.)