Transform Your CV with CAD Skills Training from Professionals 

As many employers are sceptical of dated paper certificates, they will often ask you to demonstrate your CAD skills during an interview. That’s why, at On-Site-Support (CAD), we deliver affordable CAD training for individuals, which includes the unemployed.  As reputable providers of CAD skills training, we teach you to develop genuine CAD skills which will be appreciated by employers.  That's something of a rarity in today's job candidates.

Our affordable CAD skills training services

* Learn from beginner right up to a CAD qualification, study from home at just £15 per month on a no-contract basis. 

* Your first payment will include 3 hrs of remote one to one training, along with the full course companion manual which will be posted to you.

* You will need a recent laptop or PC computer with a wheel mouse,  to be able to run our free to practice CAD software.

* Just call our free phone 0800-1976281 number to be sent an email with all the details.

Benefit from Unemployment Skills Training

Make certain you effectively prepare for your next job interview by brushing up your CAD skills. By learning hands-on practical skills, you will not feel embarrassed or overwhelmed when you are asked to demonstrate your skills during an interview. In such an innovative, ever-expanding industry, it is vital you keep your up-to-date skills current.

Impress Employers with CAD Skills Training

Competition in the job market is fierce, and many employers will have seen countless certificates and qualifications. Therefore, it is important to make your application stand out with skills you are able to demonstrate. At On-Site-Support (CAD), we provide a remote course in your home currently at £30 per month on a no contract basis.  You will need a recent PC based laptop or computer with a broadband internet connection. Here's how it works:-

You pay by bank standing order which is under your control

On receipt of your first payment we will post you our full 5 day course companion manual and laminated quick reference guide

You will need to download our free to practice Autocad compatible software from our private download link

We will then arrange a 3 hour one to one training session over the phone to get you started.

Then, because everyone learns at their own pace, you work through the specially written course companion manual. (It normally takes 5 days to cover in a classroom). Practice coaching questions are included to prepare you for your assessment.

You will then be ready to take an independently assessed CAD skills assessment over the internet. A pass rate is 62%. Don't worry if you don't pass because you can re-take if necessary.

CAD skills deteriorate if not practiced and remember the objective is to show an employer that you have current CAD skills. 

So you can choose to continue your monthly payments to receive monthly practice PDF files and then email support when you have landed a well paid CAD job.

There are many CAD technician jobs that provide on the job training to persons who can show good CAD skills. Examples are electrical companies, heating & ventilation companies. Many of which you may find are local to you. We would be happy to suggest template letters so that you can write to them about your CAD skills.

You can even offer to do their CAD work on their premises at £25 per hour.  That would typically be more convenient for them as many outsource their CAD work.

Working on an employer's premises is a great way to be offered a good job. (With no interview or competition from 100's of other job candidates).

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Contact us, to find out more about the unemployment and CAD skills training we provide at exclusive rates.