Understand text Styles in Autocad

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Open the file ACA4-01.dwg. What height is the height of text in the "Style courier New" text style?

Answer 2.5


A simple modification can make all styles more easily accessible in one place.

Type Menubar into the command line. Change it's default value from 0 to 1

You should now see an additional menu at the top of your screen.

Click on the format option to see a list of styles which includes text style in one place.

(You will also have access to the older version classic menus for draw, modify etc.)

In the appropriate modify section you will find the box that dictates the height of the text which you will find is 2.5

A more usual value is 0. That's because if you set a text height in the style, then use that text style, for example in dimension style, you will loose the ability to modify dimension size and appearance with the dimension style fit tab.

Put simply by leaving the text height value as 0 you can have any height of text when using that style.

Usually when creating a text style, the text height is set to zero.  So that any text height can be used in this style.

One area where this can cause a problem is when a dimension style is set to use a text style with a fixed text style height. So when you try to change the overall scale of a dimension the text remains the same height.