Prep question 15

Inserting a block, then mirror


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Open the file ACA3-01.dwg. Use the insert block command to insert the workstation block onto the furniture layer at it's default default rotation of 0.

Then mirror the desk and chair as shown.

What is the distance between the mid points of the chair backs as shown by the dimension?

Answer 2743.0378

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Blocks are inserted onto the current layer of Autocad. It's also the case that inserted blocks will follow the current x and y axes of the drawing. So to insert the chair block automatically rotated, to suit the left hand desk, without having to measure angles and rotate, you change the UCS.

Type in UCS (User co-ordinate system). Then follow the command line instructions. You need to place the UCS on a corner of the desk then with the next 2 clicks align the X and Y axes in the required orientation.

So that when you insert the chair it will follow the x and y axes you have created.

To find the x and y co-ordinates of a point, type in ID and click the point to read off the co-ordinates on the command line.