Prep question 12

Using the quick select tool to find objects throughout a drawing, by user set criteria

Email for your file Ref 2Q4

Open file ACA2-02.dwg. Turn off layer S-Z000-H-Hatch. How many objects are turned off?

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Quick select is a tool which is available on a right mouse pop up menu when no commands or grips are active.

You can search for objects throughout a drawing, or a part of it, by crtieria.

Work down the quick select tool to set your criteria to select all lines whose layer = S-Z000-H-Hatch

After accepting the entire drawing default, click on the object type box in the quick select tool box. This will list the objects used in the drawing.

Set your criteria to agree with the above properties.

All objects that agree with your criteria will be selected and gripped.

Apart from having them counted automatically there are many changes you could make to these objects. Including for example a layer change.