Prep question 14

Wblock. The first setp to setting up xref's

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Convert the white/black elements into a block using the Wblock command. Use the default location for the path and file name for the new block. Accept the default insertion point of 0,0,0. Tick the convert to block icon.

a) What colour do the white/black items turn into when they are converted to a block?

b) Now browse to the file that was created by Wblock. It's name and location will be shown in the wblock dialogue box.

Use ID command to access the centre point of the circle in the newly created new block drawing, which by default will be located in documents.  What is it's X co-ordinate value?


a) Green

b) 1400

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Wblock is similar to the Block command except that Wblock creates a file.

A typical use of Wblock is to create Xref's as most of the settings required are set as default such as the co-ordinates of x, y and z being 0,0,0 

This is necessary to allow xref data to be linked automatically, via the Xref attach command. 

The process is similar to spread sheets which can load data from other sheets when opened.