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Converting line segments into polylines. 

What's the difference? 

Polylines are all one object so you can measure their length, fit a curve through points, or see a smooth curve which you can stretch 


Open the file ACA1-01.dwg - submit an enquiry for file ref 1Q2. It's free if you don't need email support.

Convert the lines of the stair to a polyline starting with the bottom step. What colour is the final step? (Answer Red)

What is the length of the polyline? (Answer 4250)

Use Di (Short cut for distance command) to find the distance between the right hand the end point of the stairs and the top end point of the drawn line. (Answer 250)

Type PE (Short cut key for PEDIT command. Select the first segment of the line, command line will say object selected is not a polyline, do you want to turn it into one? Answer Yes or push enter to accept the default response. Now you will see the PEDIT options on the command line. Select Join option and then select all of the line segments ending with the red line at the top of the stairs. Push enter to finish the pedit command. Note the colour of the last segment.

Length of polyline:- Click and grip the polyline line only. Right mouse and select properties from the pull down menu. Scroll through the properties box to find length.

Di is a useful alternative to a linear dimension whose style may not be set up correctly. You can set the precision of dimensions in dimension style, so Di is the tool to use for your assessment as it will give consistent results.

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