Prep question 6

You can't edit the radius of fillets. Convert linesand fillets into a polyine to find the combined length.

Email for your file Ref 1Q10

Open the file ACA1-05.dwg. Modify the fillets of the wide red line on the layer A-G34-G-Part to be 

a 10 unit radius. Remake the polyline with it's new fillets.

What is the length of the middle vertical section of this polyline now? Answer 422.5111


Run your cursor over the red line and note that it highlights as one object because it is a polyline. You can't edit the fillets directly because the adjacent lines or polylines will lenghten or shorten to accommodate the new fillet curve radius. 

Go to fillet and set the radius 10 units. It's current radius is displayed on the command line.  
To change the radius you have to take the radius option from the command line. Enter the radius of 10 when prompted.

Then use the polyline option of the fillet command.

Click and grip, then right mouse to access it's properties and it's total length value.