Prep question 1

Drawing angled lines starting from
absolute co-ordinates


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Open the file ACA1-01.dwg. Draw a line from absolute co-ordinate 522.1,0 at an acute angle of 28.61° to the horizontal and parallel to the stairs, with a length of 2675.

What is the distance from the top end point of the stairs to the top end point the line just drawn.

Answer 250


AutoCAD uses co-ordinate points internally. If you click on screen to start a line AutoCAD automatically feeds the co-ordinates of the specified point into it's program. Sometimes a user is asked to specify these co-ordinates such as "draw a line from point 522.1,0". The first value is the x value of 522.1, then a comma which separates the x and y values, then the y value of 0.These values could simple be typed into the command line when asked to specify a point.

However Autocad also has a dynamic mode (DYN toggle button on) which displays these values on screen. So the first x value of 522.1 is typed into the 1st box which is blue to reflect current entry, then the tab key is typed so that the blue input box moves to the other box which is the Y value, where 0 is typed in. 

In dynamic mode you must remember to use the tab key to move the input to the next input box before pushing the enter key, which then accepts both values. Pushing enter key prematurely results in the system incorrectly accepting whatever value is in the 2nd box.

Use the distance tool, off the enquiry toolbar or DI short cut to measure the required distance.