Prep question 5

Offset of an arc and finding the length of an ARC

Email for your file Ref 1Q8

Open the file ACA1-04.dwg. (Same file as last exercise) Offset the arc to the left by 1.985 units.

What is the length of the new arc?   Answer 346.793


The most common cause of difficulty when using the offset command is not responding to the command line prompts for "specify offset distance" correctly.

Two alternative inputs are available at this point. You can type in a value for the offset (Keyboard entry must be followed the enter key) or you can pick any 2 points on the screen. In this latter case Autocad uses the distance between the 2 points for the offset distance.

This is one of those commands that carries on until you push the enter key or right mouse to finish. So you can do multiple offsets with the same distance if required. If the distance needs to change, you must stop the offset command. Then repeat (Space bar repeats the last command) offset with and enter it's new distance.

To measure the arc length click and grip the arc, push right mouse and pick properties from the popup menu.