free CAD skills certification if you already use Autocad or CAD software 

Many employers no longer trust CAD training certificates and question "When did you last use CAD software?" or "Was your training certificate automatically issued for attendance or completion?". 

Then the majority of certificates refer only to basic courses. There's very little knowledge of commonly used Xref's for example, a topic that only appears on intermediate courses. 

So even if you aren't going for a job interview, these questions will expand your knowledge and skill set.

If you already have some basic understanding of Autocad or CAD software, you should find it easy to understand and the  answer the prep questions on this web site.  Each question has an explanation of how to answer, written by an experienced CAD trainer.

If you would like to learn from beginner, we can help by providing a specially written manual and 3 hrs of remote 1 to 1 tuition to get you started on a no-contract monthly basis. You can then work through the manual at your own pace with email support, until you are ready to take an assessment and independent CAD skills certification over the internet. Email for more info.

To get started on your free certification, just send an enquiry from this web site, to receive your first question file. After you are able to answer all questions just request to take an assessment. It's all free if you can do this without email support.

When you are ready to take your assessment, you will be sent a 30 day login. Assessments will take 2 - 3 hrs of your time. You will be able to re-take if you don't score more than 62%.

Internet CAD skills assessments are based broadly on the same prep. questions.  It's a great way to learn/refresh a useful selection of intermediate/advanced topics. 

Only pass marks of 62% or more will receive an Independent CAD skills certification.

Note free offer expires 30th December 2018. You might wish to get started straight away, to give yourself time to understand the prep questions

N.B closing date may be changed without notice.

Going for a job interview?

Employers can be faced with many CAD training certificates, from hundreds of candidates. However most certificates will have been issued automatically just for attendance or completion. Then again, many candidates will have not used CAD software recently, CAD skills naturally decline if not used or practiced regularly.

So by offering a tested certificate, plus a letter attached to your CV, might just improve your chances of an interview. It could even get you a job!

Many employers no longer trust CAD training certificates. So in today's economic climate, it's quite common to face a CAD skills assessment as part of a job interview.

You could shine over other job candidates, if you can demonstrate current CAD skills.

Remember employers naturally prefer job candidates with current CAD skills. 

They wish to avoid making mistakes with job candidates who, after going on a training course during their probationary period of employment, may come back saying "it's a lot to take on", not what a future employer wants to hear.

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Our customers can choose to receive topic reminders after their course has finished

Answers to quick reminder questions

Question 001 - Yes you can have more than one cutting edge. Just remember to push enter key or right mouse after your selection, then you trim objects.

Question 002 - Yes you can keep using the offset command by following the command line prompts. Provided your offset value is the same. Finish offset command and restart if a new offset distance value is required.

Question 003 - You push the enter key after you have typed 500. Without this the software would not move on to accepting your input.