Common short cuts for Autocad software 

2D Co-ordinates x, y

3D Co-ordinates x,y,z

Arc - A - Use ARC command options

Area of enclosed polyline - click & grip - right mouse properties

Areas - use hatch and then properties to find a complex area

Array - Rectangular, polar or path - AR

Attribute definition ATT

Blocks - reusable content - requires name, insertion point and select objects B

Boundary - BO - creates an automatic polyline boundary

Chamfer - use distance option to enter distances required CHA

Change properties - Click & grip object then right mouse pop up menu

Circle - C

Construction lines at offset distance XL then offset option

Construction lines vertical - XL then ver option

Construction lines horizontal - XL then hor option

Convert PDF to CAD - Autocad 2018 sw has this, or trace over image, or PDF2CAD conversion software

Copy - CO

Copy through clipboard,  Right mouse - clipboard

Copy through clipboard with base point, use 0,0 so that additional content fits

De-select objects in either selection sets or grips - shift + cleft click objects or selection boxes

Delete unused layers etc. with purge PU

Blocks from current or other drawings use design centre - DC

Dimension styles - DIMS

Distance between 2 points - Di

Divide and object into equal segments -DIV. Must set point style DDPT from default dot to visible style

Dynamic input mode on or off - F12

Ellipse - EL

Erase - E

Explode - X Use for blocks or polyline line objects such as rectangles, polygons

Extend - Ex - Right mouse to avoid boundary selection is short cut to fast extend

Faceted circles - i.e lines instead of circles - RE for regen

Fillet - F use for curves between 2 lines. Radius option to change radius. set to 0 as a short cut to right angles

Group/ungroup - select objects  - right mouse- group from pop up menu. Objects grouped act as one object

Hatch - H

Help - F1

Command line disappears Ctrl+9

Insert Word documents or Excel spread sheets Insert tab

Insert PDF underlays - insert tab

Insert digital images - insert tab - insert into paper space as small size of image may be lost in model space

Isometric working - Shift + right mouse to pop up, select osnap settings, find snap & grip tab, change snap type to isometric snap.

Isometric plane toggle - F5

Layers create or modify - LA

Layers on/off, freeze/thaw, off in current viewport, locked - use layer control arrow - don't end on a layer that's off

Line -L - right mouse undoes just last segment

Linetypes - from properties menu - LTS sets global linetype scale for appearnce

Lineweight toggle on or off - LWT

Link data from another drawing - Xref attach. Use Wblock to create  a file of data in current drawing at a default base point of 0,0

Match properties of a source object to another object -MA

Measure - Divides an object into measured segments

Menubar - change default value of 0 to 1 - provides classic style pull down menus - Format pull down has all styles in one place

Mirror - like copy but result is put on the other side of a mirror line which you create by specifying 1st and 2nd point - Mi

Model space inside a viewport not accessible type MS

Mouse stops or freezes in pan or zoom - RE for regen

Move objects - M

Multi-leader style - MTSTYLE - Use specify scale under leader structure so that text size is the same as the height of used dimension style text

Multi-leader - MLE - Add or remove leader arrows

Multi-line text - MT - if required text height displays too large, close text editor, you may need to do a zoom extents ( Z,E).  Double click to re-enter

Specify other corner point rectangles use dynamic mode or @ (as in emails) then horizontal, vertical width eg @500,500

Offset - creates a copy of an object at a specified distance (Which can be set by 2 points) - requires a left click to choose copy location option

Ortho on/off toggle (F8) - keeps lines parallel to x and y axis

Osnap on/off toggle (F3)

Out of grips - Escape key - Always escape out of grips when finished with them. Unwise to use grips for erase.

Paper space not visible when inside a viewport - type PS

Paste from clipboard - right mouse clipboard - paste

Point style for Divide or Measure commands DDPT

Polygon - POL

Polyline - PL - creates a one segment line

Polyline edit - PE Can be used to fit a curve through points. Or smoother spline curve. Or to join polylines together. Or to convert a line.

Quick select - right mouse pop up menu when command line is clear. Select objects throught a drawing by setting criteria

Rectangle - REC - faster than drawing 4 lines

Rotate - RO - turn ortho mode off (F8) for any desired angle or specify angle. Angles by default are measured anti-clockwise with horizontal at 0

Rotate view to current UCS - PLAN - then enter for current default. Or PLAN - world option

Scale - SC - apply scale factors using Autocad's calculator which can paste calculated values to command line

Select objects  - complete your selection with either enter key or right mouse

Single line text - simpler to place than multi-line text - DT

Specify distance on command line - eg offset requires a value or 2 points

Specify on command line - left mouse key

Stretch - S - Enables stretch of an object. Use only a crossing selection box over only items that will move or stretch.

Table style - TABS

Text input display toggle -F2 - Command line history to see previous values

Text STYLE - STYLE or use Format pull down menu if MENUBAR has been set to 1

Tool palette - TP

Tracking - Keeps tracking movements in ORTHO mode when fast drafting - TK then enter to finish

Trim - TR - Right mouse to avoid cutting edge prompt to enter fast trim

UCS - Object option - align X and Y axis to an object

UCS icon on or off - UCSICON

UCS manager - UCSMAN

UCS rotate about x, y or z axes

UCS back to world co-ordinates - UCS then enter to accept default world

UCS 3 point - replaced by command line prompts for origin, x axis and xy plane in UCS command

UCS - Save - replaced by name option under the UCS command

Ungroup - Click & grip group - right mouse pop up menu for ungroup

Viewport creation - VPORTS

Viewport - non rectangular or from an object - use MV

Viewports overlapping or viewports unaccessible - use Ctrl+R to toggle through each viewport

Xref attched file creation - use Wblock with default base point of 0,0

Zoom extents - Z, E or double click mouse wheel (at speed which is set in windows)

Zoom to a small window. Zoom then define window by 2 points