Expertly Delivering the Latest In-House CAD Training to Your Workforce throughout the UK

Many CAD training courses are aimed at large groups so as to maximize profits. 

This can result in the course tutor paying less attention to each learner. 

Some might be left behind in a large group of trainees.

To combat this issue, we have developed focused, in-house CAD training courses.

* With On-Site-Support (CAD) our devoted professionals deliver engaging courses 

* At your place of work to smaller groups of employees or individuals

* To produce better retention and results. 

* Avoid off-site course confusion when you return to your office

* Avoid time wasting commutes to a training centre

All backed up with substantial course companion manuals,laminated quick reference guides and topics summary.

Optionally, we do have Autocad accredited trainers who can run official Autocad courses on your premises, on behalf of an authorised Autocad training centre. 

These courses take a topics based approach and are accompanied by Autodesk training certificates for those attending.

Focused In-House CAD Training

It is well-known that each individual learns at their own given pace. As every learner progresses individually, it is often the case that participants are left trailing behind in a large group. This phenomenon has lead to an increased demand for in-house CAD training. Conveniently, on-site or in house training is delivered by us at your premises to individuals or groups.  Thanks to our attentive instructors, who devote much time to each individual, you will achieve dramatically improved results.

Cutting-Edge CAD Software Courses

Backed by more than 15 years of experience, our leading instructor delivers stimulating sessions explaining the powerful potential of CAD software. We provide CAD training at a similar price to other companies, though our training is much more focused. What’s more, you are able to make significant savings when you opt for group sessions. In its complexity, CAD has expanded throughout the past 30 years, and in-house CAD training provides the flexibility to cover the topics needed.

Bringing In-House CAD Training to You

Although learning to use CAD software can be complex, taking a practical approach simplifies the process. Our experts deliver in-house CAD training that is focused on your practical work. For added convenience, we provide cutting-edge software and computers, and set these up independently in the meeting room of your choice. Additionally, we provide a substantial course companion manual, alongside a handy quick-reference guide, to each attendee. This contains a description of common short-cut keys, and a plotting-to-scale summary.

Hands-On CAD Software Training

To aid your learning, we allocate time during our in-house CAD training courses for individual practice on your CAD work. This not only builds confidence, but also removes implementation difficulties, that might arise when no instructor would be present following a traditional off-site course. The presence of an on-site trainer also makes setting up printers, plotters, and PDF outputs easier, avoiding any embarrassment on your return to your office.

Discussing Engaging CAD Topics

Should you discover you have a natural aptitude for our courses, you are welcome to extend your skill-set with further optional modules. In addition to the core topics, we offer progressive modules that cover intermediate and advanced topics and a CAD qualification to improve the efficiency and confidence of your employees. All of our courses come with training certificates and specified learning hours. Many customers are so impressed by our reasonable rates that they opt for additional training days. There's 10% discount if more than one module purchased at the same time. This is not available for our one person booking rates.

In-House CAD Training with an Edge

Distinct from many CAD training courses, our programmes contain innovative templates that may be set up with professional, form-filled data entry. This area is not usually covered on basic or essential courses, meaning you obtain added value for your money. Additionally, our courses explain how to add pens to create professional-looking plots, which is another unique aspect. Our experts teach you that drawing output quality should be at a standard as impressive as your logo and letterheads.

Receive an In-Depth, Post-Course Guide

Once we have delivered the training, we provide a succinct, post-course guide, complete with manual page numbers for your reference. Additionally, we print or email your certificate upon the completion of your course. We also provide a record of the hours you have worked, for CPD. (Continued professional development)

Contact us  to learn more about the CAD software courses we provide as in-house CAD training specialists.