Be a preferred job candidate 

with current and tested CAD skills

CAD Qualifications?

Job candidates will often say “I can do CAD”, then point to
an ageing certificate on their CV.

CAD software is more complex than most realise. So CAD skills will naturally wane if not used
or practiced.

Many employers now distrust non-tested training
certificates. So it’s increasingly more
likely that Job candidates will be expected to pass a CAD skills assessment at

Most job candidates will not have used CAD software recently:-

so employers can naturally be attracted to job applicants with tested and current CAD skills.

Here is a selection of CAD training courses

City & Guilds courses – often carried out by attending evenings at a college on a part time basis. These are exam tested and are well known and accepted. They are usually offered at different levels. So 
it could be some time before you were to pass all of the levels.

Advertised City & Guilds courses sometimes don’t run, because they are
unable to find a suitably qualified CAD trainer to run their course. Or
sometimes an inexperienced lecturer will take the course.

Autocad training centre courses - These are
well recognised but not tested, unless you take a separate certification exam .
Which, being software version based, will only be valid 3 years. Separate
courses are set at Essentials, Intermediate and Advanced levels, which can be
expensive for an individual.

On-Site-Support (CAD) - Independent CAD Skills Certification and practice service consists of 3 phases.

Phase 1 – 3 hrs of 1 to 1 training by phone over a remote connection to get you started

You then work through the manual at your own pace with email support.

You would need to run our free to practice Autocad compatible software, which has the same
commands as Autocad, on a Windows PC or 

After you have received the full course companion manual in the post, your course would start with 3 hrs of 1 to 1 training to over the phone, with a remote connection.

You would then work through the manual at your own pace with email support if needed.

Once past the basics,
you would learn to answer assessment preparation questions. Once these
have been mastered, you should then be able to pass an independent CAD skills
assessment, taken and marked over the internet.

Course topics are based on 16 years of training staff to do CAD work for their employers. The
certification is awarded to those who achieve a score of 62% or more on an
independent CAD skills assessment taken over the internet.

Course topics are based around content originally created by consultants, 

for employers who wished to use assess current CAD skills at job interviews.

Phase 2 – be able to provide current CAD skills so that you stand out from other job candidates

Practice by copying PDF files taken from actual CAD work.

Phase 3 – personal email support whilst working

Costs are £30 per month, on a no contract basis

This would be payable by bank standing order which is under
your control at all times.

There are many well paid jobs in the “as fitted”
construction industry which you could apply for without other qualifications. Examples
are Electrical contractors, Heating & Ventilation contractors, fire
sprinkler systems installers, CCTV installers etc.,

3D CAD jobs

There aren't the same standards of 3D CAD software in use, as Autocad which is the standard for 2D

This can lead to shortages of candidates with skills, in the particular 3D CAD software used by an employer.

So it's easily possible that an employer will provide training to use their 3D CAD software. 

A pre-quisite  is likley to be a candidate with current and tested 2D CAD skills