Prep question 11

Using the quick select tool to find objects by criteria 

such as lineweight = 50mm, (not by layer)




Email for your file Ref 2Q4

Open the file ACA2-02.dwg. How many lines have a lineweight of 0.50mm?

Email with the correct answer to receive the next file.


You will see, on completion of this exercise, that there are additional lines with a width of 0.50 mm which are visible as thick lines on screen provided the LWT toggle is on.

The reason that they were not selected by the quick select tool, is that they were created with the property of lineweight "By layer" and Autocad treats this as different to a property of 0.50 mm. 

The same holds true for colours. So for example 2 objects can appear in the colour Red where one is colour by layer because the default colour for that layer is red. The other can be on any layer but has the colour Red property. Normally this is not an issue as different layers are created with an appropriate default colour or lineweight to maintain consistency and avoid frequent access to the property toolbar.

Quick select allows you to select objects by criteria such as 0.50mm or "by layer".

In practice before using quick select you should play detective and check out the properties of the items you wish to find, using the click and grip - right mouse properties - method. You will see the object's properties displayed on the property toolbar. You can then use in the quick select tool criteria to find the desired objects.