Prep question 6

You can't edit the radius of fillets. Converting lines+fillets into a polyine to find the combined length.

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Open the file ACA1-05.dwg. Modify the fillets of the wide red line on the layer A-G34-G-Part to be 

a 10 unit radius. Remake the polyline with it's new fillets.

What is the length of the middle vertical section of this polyline now?

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Run your cursor over the red line and note that it highlights as one object. The reason for this is that it is a polyline which acts as one object. You can't edit the fillets in a polyline directly, so you must first explode the line. Take care when using the explode command as the line will not be exploded until you push the enter key to finish object selection. Or you can click and grip the polyine and then type X for explode.

Now when you run the cursor over the line you will see that it has been split into segments and fillet curves. You might think that you could click and grip the fillets and use properties to change their radii. However if you did this the fillets curves act as individual objects and would not join with their adjacent lines. Instead you have to erase each fillet. Then change it's radius.

Now you have to set the radius for the fillet command to a value of 10 units. When you access the fillet command it's current radius is displayed on the command line. If you haven't changed the radius before it will be set to zero, if you have the value you gave it previously will be shown as default.

To change the radius you have to take the radius option off the command line.

Once you have done this take the multiple option off the command line. You will then be able to use the fillet command several times, with the correct radius and without having to stop and restart the fillet command.

No you have to convert all of the red objects into one polyline again. Go to modify pull down menu, then object, then polyline. Click one of the end segments of the line. Command line will say "object is not a polyline - do you want to convert it into one?" 
Accept the default response. Autocad then puts you into the polyline edit command. Pick the join option and click on each adjacent line or fillet until you have selected them all. 

Push enter to finish the polyline edit. Run your cursor over the red line and you will see that it is now one polyline again.

Click and grip, then right mouse to access it's properties.