Prep question 4


Email for your file Ref 1Q5

Open the fie ACA1-04.dwg. Draw an arc using ARC pull down menu then the start/centre/end option. Starting at the centre of the circle marked 1, through the centre point of the blue dashed line arc. Then ending at the centre of the circle marked 2.

What is the radius of the arc you have just created?

Email with the correct answer to keep this file for the next question.


It's more difficult to find the centre of the blue arc as it has a comparatively large radius. Recall that you have to move the cursor over an arc or circle to see a cross at the centre point osnap. Zoom out so that you can see the cross. You may have to do a regen to be able to zoom out sufficiently with your mouse. 

Draw a small circle at the centre of the blue arc.

Use Arc - start/centre/end option to draw the arc as above.

Click & grip the new arc created. - It will be continuous as per the status line- read off the radius from the properties box.