Inserting an Xref to world co-ordinates

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Open the file ACA6-01.dwg. Attach the reference ACA6-01-Struc.dwg as a 1:1000 overlay at world co-ordinate 225591.4485, 6229615.0574

Turn on the A-Z41-G-Setout layer to see the red rectangle for set out.

Then rotate the Xref with reference points to the setout rectangle.

What is the distance between the door and the grid line number 2.

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Note the reference to world co-ordinates. Type in UCS and accept the default world co-ordinates by pushing enter again.

Now type in Xref. Use the down arrow to access attach file and browse through to the folder 7068 for the xref file.

In the insert Xref dialogue box type in 0.001 (1 to 1000) scale factor. If you are not sure about decimals:-

1 to 1 scale factor = 1
1 to 10 scale factor = 0.1
1 to 100 scale factor = 0.01
1 to 50 scale factor = 0.02 etc.