Autocad dimension styles

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Open the file ACA4-02.dwg . Check which style the 3500 dimension is. What is the value of that style's baseline spacing?

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Click and grip the 3500 dimension, then push right mouse and properties to find out it's dimension style name. You could go down the properties box to find it's baseline spacing. However there's a lot of information to go through. So a shorter trip to dimension style is easier.

Does your copy have the old classic pull down menu above the ribbon? If not type the word menubar into the command line. If it's value is 0, type in 1. The benefit of this simple mod is that all the styles are in one place and not spread throughout the ribbon hiding behind the little cotner arrows.

Go to the format pull down menu and check dimension styles. Select the style you are looking for, then modify. You will find the baseline spacing value in the lines tab information.