Inserting blocks with mirror in Autocad

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Open the file ACA3-01.dwg. Use the insert block command from the pull down menu to insert the work station block onto the furniture layer at it's default rotation angle of 0.

Then mirror the desk and chair you just inserted so that the chairs are next to each other. What is the distance between the 2 chairs?

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Typically you use the Design Centre or insert command to insert blocks onto the current layer of your drawing. If you are using the design centre and wish to change the rotation angle of your block, double click the block icon in the Design centre to see the insert dialog box.

The insert block dialog box allows you to specify a rotation angle.

Think of the mirror command as an alternative form of copy. It will place a copy of an object on the opposite side of a line which is defined as "specify 1st point on mirror line", then "specify 2nd point on mirror line"

Finally mirror asks whether you wish to delete the source object Yes/No. Answer yes in this case.