Inserting blocks with Design centre or Insert

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Open the file ACA3-01. If a block is dragged from Autocad's Design Centre, which layer will it be inserted onto?

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When you insert a block it will be put onto the current layer.

If you have defined your block with objects which have the default property "colour by layer" the block will retain properties as it would appear on the layer it was created on.

What if my block disappears when inserted?

The most common reason for this is that the block's insertion point has not been defined during make block. Such that the insertion point is left at the default 0,0. You can check this my doing a zoom extents to see if inserted blocks are clustered around the bottom left of your drawing.

Another reason could be the block is too large or too small. Open a new drawing from scratch and insert your block. Do zoom extents to see just your block and check out it's measurements.

If you want the block to change to the colour of the layer onto which it is inserted your block must be defined with objects that have "Colour by block"

There are different methods of block insertion - The Design centre, Tool palettes and the Insert command.