If you can answer and understand all of the prep questions, you will be able to pass an independent CAD skills assessment over the internet. 

You can re-take within 30 days if you fail

Question files and answers are free

When you are ready a 30 day login for assessment and certification is £45

£45 for up to 1/2 hr remote one to one training if required

Nationwide In-house CAD training is our speciality if required

Here is a summary of topics covered:-

How to use absolute co-ordinates.

Converting line or arc segments into a polyline to measure it’s total length.

How to use Polar Array.

Finding centres of large radii Arcs or circles.

Using drawing a line tangential to 2 circles.

Finding the length of an arc.

Changing a fillet radius which can’t be edited.

Scaling objects from current size to a given size

Effective use of construction line offset option

Displaying only required layers on layout tabs, layer properties within viewports

Useful layer descriptions in addition to names

Playing detective with properties manager

Select objects throughout a drawing by criteria, which can be faster than selecting them manually.

Block insertions to current layer using rotation or scale

Attaching files to a drawing using Xref’s

Mirror objects with delete source object option

Inserting objects onto a sloped plane without rotation

Watching out for invisible objects

Managing text files and text fonts

Manipulating text with grips

Manging dimension styles

Insertion of blocks with scale

Checking scale of plots, without accidentally changing the viewport scale

Rotating the view of a drawing in a viewport to current or
world co-ordinates

Management of a drawing layout through page setup manager

Inserting Xref attached data to world co-ordinates and scale

Using and creating User co-ordinate systems

Managing UCS co-ordinate systems

Fundamentals of viewports