Autocad Polylines

Try drawing a zigzag line with the line command in Autocad software.

Now do the same with PL short cut for the polyline command.

Note that when selected the line command consists separate segments, whereas the polyline is just one object.

Double click on the polyline to see polyline edit options.

1)  Try typing F for the fit option. You will create a polyline that will be fitted through the original points (Vertices)

2)  Try the SP for spline option. This is a smother spline curve that approximates to the original points.

Existing lines can be converted into a polyline.

1) Type PE short cut for polyline edit and click the first segment of your original line zigzag.

2) Command line will say that object selected is not a polyine, do you want to turn it into one?

3)  Accept the yes default and you can then use the join option to join the touching segments and convert them into one polyline.

To calculate areas, create a polyline around the area you
wish to measure. Then click and grip and go to properties on the right mouse pop up menu, to read off the area enclosed. Beware that this will probably be in square mm’s so you will need to
divide by one million to see square metres.

When marking out an area with a polyline you can push right mouse and then undo. This will undo the line segment by segment an easy way to correct any errors. Better than finishing and doing undo to start all over again.