Autocad Multi-line text command

If you have been trying Autocad's simple single line text, then pushed enter at the end of a line, just like an old typewriter to create another line of text, you would be forgiven for asking why there are 2 types of text available in Autocad software.

Well single line text creates individual lines of text when you push the enter key at the end of a line. Indeed you could change the height of one of the lines for example with click & grip properties. The result would be that the larger height line cold simply overwrite other lines of text.

This would not be so with multi-line text where changing the height of a line of text spreads the other lines of text so that there is no overlap.

Also multi-line text is a more modern command. It provides a list of special symbols under the @ in the insert section of the text editor ribbon. These include symbols for degrees, +/-, diameter. Then further down you will find the squared symbol for example.

You even have access to many symbols such as C circumflex, E acute etc. which can be copied to the clipboard and pasted into your text.

If you want your Multi-line text to appear at the end of an arrow, check out the multi-leader tool.

To use this you will first have to set up the multi-leader style under the format pull down menu. (Ensure Menubar's value is 1 to see this menu)

Set up multi-leader style to have the same height as the text height in your dimension sytle

Do this by using the "Specify scale value" under multi-leader's leader structure tab to multiply the default text height in Multi-leader style