Autocad Zoom command

Autocad Zoom command - common options

With the apparent easy use of the mouse, many forget the zoom command.

The fastest zoom you can do in Autocad software is zoom window.

Just type Z, the short cut for zoom, then click 2 points to define a rectangular view box.

Once the 2nd point has been clicked the screen view will expand to show the boxed area.

Zoom provides a magnified view so objects are not changed in size.

When starting an Autocad drawing from scratch, draw your first line or object, then Z for zoom and use E for extents. This will size your screen display to your work.

If your work disappears when you use zoom and extents, you have probably created an object a long way from your CAD work. It's unlikely you will be able to see this object but it's presence stops your Zoom extents working correctly.

Solution is to find and copy the "Good data" and use edit pull down menu/copy with basepoint.

(Note in Autocad, to use classic style pull down menus type "Menubar" and change it's value from 0 to 1)

Then use E for erase. At the select objects prompt type All. This will select all objects in model space. Push enter or right mouse to erase all objects. So you have now erased both good and bad data.

Then use edit pull down menu and paste to original co-ordinates. Zoom extents to see your data in it's original position.